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JAPAN GX CORPORATION(略称 JGX)は、日本の中小企業の課題である、技術継承後継者育成、そして、中小企業のGX/グリーントランスフォーメーション推進というテーマを加え、2050年に向けて中小企業持続可能性を高め深める、新たな経営環境創出を目的に創設いたしました。




Seeking sustainability for Japan’s small and medium enterprises.
JGX corporations provides unique solutions from a more global perspective.

JGX corporations has been working with SMEs in Japan to address the issues of technology succession and succession planning, as well as to promote GX/Green Transformation of SMEs. JGX corporations will provide unique solutions from a more global perspective in pursuit of sustainability for SMEs in Japan. JGX corporations were established to create a new management environment that will enhance and deepen the sustainability of SMEs toward the year 2050.

JGX’s main feature is to share and promote solutions to these issues not only within Japan, but also with growing companies, educational institutions, and young aspiring engineers in Southeast Asia.

Young executives and aspiring engineers who wish to acquire Japan’s superior engineering and know-how and use it to improve their own country’s technological capabilities, and Japanese SME executives who wish to utilize their superior technology for the benefit of society at large and to nurture their successors and pass it on to future generations. Based on the creation of a new environment that matches the wishes of both parties, we will contribute to the realization of a sustainable society for Japanese SMEs, while incorporating global support measures such as GX-ization support and ESG promotion.

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