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代表取締役 米山敏広

It is said that by 2050, Asia will be the center of the world economy.

We believe that sustainable development of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) is essential for Asia to achieve healthy growth.

We believe that a value network based on mutual cooperation among SMEs that transcends national borders is indispensable for the creation of a more diverse and rich society.

We have embarked on the creation of a new platform for the exchange of people, goods, and technology in order to realize the sustainable development of SMEs in Japan and Asia. This is the Asian SME version of Sustainable Finance with respect to the SDGs, and This is a green movement in Asia to realize mutual development and growth of SMEs in Japan and other Asian countries through a new way of thinking and a new mechanism.

We will remove the framework of developed countries, emerging countries, and developing countries, and link a number of circular formations. and We will find new value in a multi-layered structure. This movement will lead to a future in Asia filled with dreams and hopes.

We hope to walk forward together with the small and medium-sized enterprises of Japan and with the hopeful people of Asia.

Representative Director 
Toshihiro Yoneyama

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